DK Fashion Dış Ticaret Ltd.Şti.

Dennie Krouse, who joined the Turkish ready-to-wear industry with its establishment in 2020, aims to add color to your life with its modern stance and stylish style.

Aiming to become indispensable for modern and urban women, Dennie Krouse offers a lifestyle equipped with inspiring details. With its product range that develops every season, it aims to become indispensable for women who love to wear both stylish and comfortable, from clothing to accessories. Dennie Krouse, which has a loyal customer base with its designs that can be used both in the office and in all areas of life by emphasizing the comfort, elegance and simplicity, is not only a clothing brand for its consumers over time, but a lifestyle for them. Today, the visionary and passionate young and creative DK Fashion team continues to touch your life. Let's move forward together in this adventure.


Quality Control Processes

Fine quality control work is carried out at every stage of production. The quality control processes from the sample stage to the packaging stage of the product are as follows.

Assurance check

Mold control

In and after planting control

Controls in the washing phase

Controls in the packaging stage are made by examining the finest detail.

Controls During Production

1. In planning; Control of factors such as accessories and fabrics,
2. In the model shop; control of mold, size and shrinkage values,
3. In the slaughterhouse; marker and fabric control,
4. After cutting, control of cutting and fabric defect sorting,
5. The quality controls of each stage in the washing phase are carefully carried out, so that any problem that may arise is corrected before it grows. In addition to the quality controllers within the departments, washing subcontractors and product managers also make the necessary checks and report them.

We will continue to exist with the qualitative understanding we have created in all processes from production to sales.